In “Overlooking Finland. And?” I pointed out that Shanghai actually has the highest PISA scores but education reformers in the United States seemed to be ignoring that fact much like they are ignoring many of the lessons that Finland has to offer.

I was wondering just what other lessons we are overlooking. Turns out the OECD Directorate for Education (the group behind PISA) heard me because last week they posted “Strong Performers and Successful Reformers in Education – A video series profiling policies and practices of education systems that demonstrate high or improving performance in the PISA tests.” From the page:

“In today’s global economy, countries need high-quality education systems that will teach their citizens the skills necessary to meet the challenges of tomorrow. This series of videos, produced jointly by the OECD and the Pearson Foundation, highlights initiatives being taken by education authorities around the world to help school students do better…

The best systems deliver strong and equitable learning outcomes across widely varying cultural and economic contexts. By showing what they achieve, the PISA tests provide a mirror to all countries and demonstrate what is possible. Others can learn from those that do well. The purpose of these videos is to transmit ideas and stimulate debate.”

Each video is around twenty minutes long, and all are worth watching. There are videos highlighting Shanghai, Ontario, Brazil, Germany, Finland and Poland. There is much to learn here.

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