A few of my colleagues around TLN, while dusting off our bookshelves and dumping computer files over the summer, have rediscovered some old favorite reads on education. Some of our finds include, Adler’s, Teaching as Subversive Activity, Shaunessey’s Errors and Expectations, and any number of “big” reports on the state of education.

Great ideas moving us towards solving the complex problems in education have been made, and made again. Getting a critical mass of policymakers or even educational administrators to move those ideas into action has proven extremely difficult. Excluding for a moment all the effects and side-effects of NCLB, are there any significant changes in education have come from the ground-up, so to speak. What are some examples of genuine teacher, student, or parent led reforms in education?

What aspects of school reform or redesign could we as teachers, students and parents rally around and implement without “permission”?

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