Confession: I’ve always had a dream of writing for The Onion. The sass, the wittiness, the humor…it speaks to me. Thanks to the Future Educators’ Association (soon the be Educators Rising) and Go Teach magazine, I had the amazing opportunity to write my first satire piece, wrapping in some right-to-work jabs, commentary on shrinking education budgets, and the incorrect but seemingly growing assumption that teachers are cogs that can be replicated and/or replaced by technology.

From the piece Genius Hour Makes Teachers Redundant:

Ima Teacha introduced Genius Hour to her class at Private Tization Charter Elementary School last September. “Within a few weeks, students had written code to develop a new version of ‘Angry Birds,’ built an app that helps reunite veterans with dogs they had saved during combat, and created a vaccine to help prevent Ebola,” she said. “I even had a duo who figured out how to fix glitches in several of the state websites for Obamacare! We were moving and grooving. It was a huge success. Perhaps too big of a success.”

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