For the third straight year, I’m spending the last weekend in January learning alongside a TON of really bright minds at Educon — the ONE conference that I attend as a learner and a learner only.

Ask anyone who has ever been to Educon and they’ll tell you it’s a pretty special experience.  There’s just something magical about spending two full days with other people who share your passion — and your progressive vision — about what education COULD be.

But you know what skeptics will say, right? 

They’ll call Educon a professional echo chamber — a place where dissenting views are discourged and where people are wrestling with ideas rather than driving change.  They’ll say that there’s enough Rah-Rah to go around and that it’s time that someone step forward and take action.

They’ll say that we need to stop preaching to the choir and start preaching to the pews!

Sometimes, though, spending time in the #educhoir DOES Matter:

(click to enlarge)

The simple truth is that being a change agent can be a REALLY lonely experience.

And while we have to remind ourselves to constantly introduce dissenting voices to our learning streams, never discount the role that singing together can play in lifting us up, affirming our core values and beliefs, and fighting back against professional isolation.

That in and of itself makes preaching to the #educhoir — and making time for #educon — worthwhile.

Any of this make sense?


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