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Why join the CTQ Collaboratory?

We bet that at least one of these sentences describes you.

  • You think decision makers should look to teachers for innovative approaches to fixing schools.
  • You want to learn more about education policy and research but aren't sure where to start (or have no one to talk to about this stuff).
  • It's time to expand your personal learning network. Time to meet a mentor, or someone who is tackling similar challenges, or a teacher who will push your thinking....
  • You get a kick out of generating solutions for challenges large and small, in the classroom and beyond.
  • You crave opportunities to learn and grow as a teacher leader.
  • Sometimes you get sick of all the negativity. You're ready to DO something to transform schools.

Well? Did anything resonate? If so, the Collaboratory may be a great fit for you—head for the bright orange button at the top of your screen.

P.S. Those comments at the right? People sent them to us out of the blue—not at our request.