Who’s still here? I am.

In this guest post, teacher Diane Clerke shares a moving poem about the one constant force in children’s lives: their teachers.

People come and go.


Principals come and go.

Who’s still here?

I am.


School Boards come and go.

Who’s still here?

I am.


Parents come and go

in and out these children’s lives.

Who’s still here, everyday?

I am.


Congressman come and go

Policies come and go

Programs change at the snap of your fingers.

Who’s still here?

I am.





All change.

But I am still here.


I am the one

who makes all the difference for my students.

I am the one

standing there, holding a child when he cries

because a dog died that morning.

Or Mom has breast cancer.

I’m the one who’s here.


I am the one

who believes in each and every child

I am the one

who says, “Yes you can”

And they believe, and they do.


#TeachingIs me.

Diane Clerke is a 39-year veteran of the profession. She is an eighth-grade English language arts teacher at Highland Junior High, in Gilbert, Arizona.  

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  • JenniferHenderson

    #TeachingIs Me!

    Beautifully said!  So many people need to hear this – thanks for writing it!

  • akrafel

    Power of Being There

    “Who is still there? I am”  Such a simple phrase, so powerful a reality. Teachers are powerful in kids’ lives because we are there. Everyday. That is so easy to say, so easy to overlook the power. Our voices, our presence is important to the world and critical to kids in these tumultuous times.  We need to recognize our own power and importance. Thank you for this beautiful poem.