Most of us have just wound down from the school year, or are in its last days.  Today, I found myself running from one league to another for practices, and I took a close look at the participants.  My children go to a rural school, five miles from each of three different towns, and the kids that get to participate seem concentrated in the middle to upper class. It made me pause, and think.

Another thought that crossed my mind was the equipment that is used to maintain this 12 acre campus.  It’s a beautiful space, but at a time where the state budgeting formula is arranged in such a manner that equipment funding, building repair, teacher salaries, and technology all come from separate line items, what is the ratio of students served to students who need additional activities to motivate and encourage them?

Tonight’s ball game was at another district.  A teacher colleague came up and talked to me about climate and salaries. When, she asked, does the culture change enough that teaching in another district becomes desirable?   Tough questions.

As you enter into your summer period, here’s a mulling point I think that is worth considering:   What is cull-worthy?  What systems, programs, equipment, or sacred ideas need to be revisited in conversation?  I don’t have any answers tonight, just questions.  But perhaps those questions will be enough to start me down another journey to reinvention conversation for next year.

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