Earlier this year I promised myself I would stay hydrated. I wrote about my reasons here.

Little did I know that my school’s new building would be outfitted with … drumroll … these cool hydration machines on every hallway! Talk about a 21st century facility improvement—this machine rocks!!! (The brand is ELKAY and the model is EZH20.)

Let me me tell you all about it. It is like a regular water fountain, the likes of which can be seen in every public school building in America, but it has a built-in filtration system. The water tastes good, and I can trust it’s not filled with lead and other residue from the pipes of an old building.

Second, it is super cool because it’s set up for you to fill your water bottle. Instead of pressing the water fountain and trying to awkwardly catch the water stream with your bottle, holding up the line of thirsty students, you simply place the water bottle in front of the outline of the water bottle, and a motion detector sends down a stream of filtered water into the bottle. [If you’re in a big rush to get to class, you can even do this while someone else drinks from the water fountain.]

Finally, the fountain allows for an envirnmentally friendly way of staying hydrated and sends a message to our entire community about it. It counts how many water bottles we don’t waste daily.

Instead of everyone buying bottled water (because we don’t trust the tap water in an old building) and wasting the containers, or filling up our water bottles at home and running out halfway through the day, we can easily stay hydrated all day, saving money and materials. Students stay hydrated too and find the machines as cool as teachers do. This is good investment for a school to make for its community—a subtle but real improvement to working conditions for teachers and learning conditions for students. Good job, BPCS!


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