Teacher Magazine led their weekly e-newsletter with our most recent dialogue excerpt from the TLN Forum discussion group. The topic: teacher opinions about the NYC charter school that will pay start-up teachers a salary of $125,000 (plus potential bonuses).

The conversation excerpt drew a variety of thoughtful comments from readers. Author Kirsten Olson (Wounded by School) wrote:

“My work in urban schools that are undersupported and staffed by inexperienced teachers who have low expectations for themselves says (to me that) feeling empowered, that you can do it, that your professional surroundings demand very high performance from you, and you will be compensated accordingly, really does change the ground rules of the profession. I hope, like several of the commenters, that this school is successful. It example may begin to say to the public at large how serious the work of teaching is, how much it requires, and what we ought to expect to have to pay for these kinds of skills and attributes.”

Another comment came from TLN Forum member Elena Aguilar, a California secondary teacher and coach who blogs at Edutopia’s Spiral Notebook. Aguilar describes her own history of involvement in an innovative small school — first the excitement, and ultimately, the exhaustion. “(I)n some ways, I am saddened by models of reform where the unspoken premise is that if we work our tushies off, we can do anything. I know that can happen — but at what cost? And for how long?”

Both ASCD SmartBrief and the  NBPTS “Accomplished Teacher” SmartBrief featured the dialog, which was Teacher’s most-clicked article of the week. (Free registration)

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