Let’s start with a simple truth: Genuine learning is a beautiful process that leaves people mentally challenged and stretched and refreshed.  It’s a time of exploration and discovery and excitement that is fundamentally about making connections between notions and new ideas and individuals who are passionate about studying the same content together.

Genuine learning is a joyful act worthy of celebration:

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Schooling is vastly different.  Schooling is a grind that leaves people exhausted.  It’s a forced march through content that someone else decided was essential or interesting or important.  It’s inflexible and intimidating — driven by unrealistic targets and uncompromising deadlines and cheap attempts at holding everyone and everything “accountable.”

Learning-centered schools are vibrant and alive.  People smile.  People laugh.  People participate — in lessons and in one another’s lives.  Schools that have left learning behind are silent and sad.  People go through the motions.  People do what they are told.  People flee at the final bell.

What kind of school have YOU created?



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