Jose –

In your last post you made reference to comparing teacher salaries to sports athletes’ salaries. I can see your argument. Merit pay without basic pay just doesn’t make sense. As Barnett Berry referenced recently, paying professional teachers based on “losses instead of gains” and without regard for the reality that some of the best teachers don’t even do it for the paycheck is nonsensical. Give me flexibility, give me curriculum control, but don’t give me a extra money because it really undervalues what I do. I believe in payment for expertise but not on a sliding scale. I don’t want to get a little extra because I do a little more. I want every teacher to earn the “Happiness Wage” and then pay for expertise on top. Teachers who are pushing the boundaries of education, to become thought leaders like yourself, should earn more for the risks they take and the profession of tomorrow you are building.

In this vein I wanted to take a moment to post your video of the TEDx talk you did in NYC. I sincerely appreciate the layers of meaning you are able to apply to the concept of teacher voice through your metaphors. What strikes me the hardest are your references to the NYC teacher evaluation system. It is really a horror story that no one seems to hear. Thanks for explaining it in this video while expanding my thoughts on what teacher voice means.

Everybody should watch it. Then watch it again. It is that thick with meaning.

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