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I hope you, BarnettEmilyCindi, and Ariel had a great session today at the Celebration of Teaching and Learning in NYC. I know there was a lot going on. I have been engaging in some discussions about Teaching 2030 in an online book discussion. There has been a lot of jostling in the community about the idea of a teacherpreneur. I think it is an idea that is so new that it has not come to it’s final meaning yet. I believe teacherpreneurs offer the education community a great deal of benefit. The idea keeps coming back to, “I’m not in it for the money.” I don’t think that the essence of teacherpreneurism is money, I think it is leadership and innovation that contributes to educational advancement. This contribution should be rewarded. I see it as sort of an evolution of teacher leader. I came up with the image below to offer a metaphor to talk about while we try to figure out these ideas. I would love to get your opinion and the rest of the educational community’s ideas about this image.

Can teacherpreneurs and teacher leaders be on the same team? Is a teacher leader who gets paid a stipend for developing local curriculum on a Saturday different than a teacherpreneur? Does being a teacherpreneur depend on a degree of expertise or can any teacher, no matter how effective, be a teacherpreneur? Has education been a “for-profit” business and teachers working as “hired help”, as Renee Moore would say, for over a hundred years? These are some tough questions. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts.

If you have never considered the idea of teacherpreneur check out this article in Teacher Magazine for some more explanation of the ideas in the Teaching 2030 book.

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