Okay, clearly, I’m late to this party. But for all the others like me who have not been listening to BAM Radio until lately, we’ve been missing out on some great, thoughtful discussions about issues in education. It’s been around since 2007-2008, and there are now multiple channels and programs representing many areas of education including parents, teachers, school nurses, administrators, and the original focus audience: early childhood providers. I didn’t even initially make the connection between this and the Bammy Awards.

I initially found it through a link in Twitter in the #edchat saying they had an online radio version of the chat, which I definitely wanted to hear. Imagine my chagrin, when I clicked on one of the BAM programs, to hear the guests talking about me! (Thank you, Tom Hatch).

Discovering BAM Radio has been a great teachable moment for me; however. Like many of our colleagues (and our students), when I first realized there was all this great stuff of which I was blissfully unaware going on in social media and other spaces, I felt just plain dumb. Then I realized, if I didn’t know—and I’m a fairly active participant in social media—there must be many others in and around education who could use this information and just don’t have it.

Which is why I’m thankful for opportunities such as Connected Educator Month, and all the folks in my ever-widening professional learning network (PLN), for spreading the word and providing opportunities to discover new resources as well as new (to some) tools.

What have you found in the connected world recently that you want to share?

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