Geez…It’s a busy time up in here!

Not only are we in the middle of preparing for what promises to be a great conversation on teaching for tomorrow with digital change experts Adam Garry and Meg Ormiston, but Scott McLeod—-Educational Leadership professor extraordinaire and the mind behind the Dangerously Irrelevant blog—has asked me to write a guest post in early September.

Here’s what he asked:

I was wondering if each of you would be up to doing a guest post at Dangerously Irrelevant. The theme for the 7 days will be: What do teachers need from administrators?

Being as how we’re Teacher Leader fans over here at the Radical, I figured I’d put a bit of a twist on Scott’s question.  My version will be:

What do Teacher Leaders Need from Administrators?

And being as how we’re all about audience participation over here at the Radical, I want your help in crafting my entry for Scott’s blog!  To share your thinking with Scott’s audience—a group that includes tons of principals, by the way—consider:

Crafting a one or two paragraph response to my question and posting it as a blog comment:  I’ve already shared a sample in the comment section if you’re not sure what your entry should look like.  Be sure to share as much contact information as you’re comfortable with, too, so I can give credit to you in my final post.


Answering this short survey about what teacher leaders need from administrators:  Scott loves to have charts and graphs in posts over at his blog, so I’ll use the data from this survey to whip up a chart to include in our final piece.

Thanks in advance for participating, huh?  This one’s important.  Helping principals to understand just who we are and how we work will advance teacher leadership a ton!

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