The Learning Studio will consider the learning ecology of early childhood education from child development to classroom practice, from research to policy. It will explore the definition of early learning and the process of teacher preparation. This blog will fill an important niche related to creating a national forum for engaging early childhood teachers and teacher educators in the Collaboratory and support the creation of a professional learning community.

The inspiration for this blog was a post I wrote in 2009 when I was writing for Pre-K Now. In it I described my discomfort with becoming a supervisor and walking into other teachers’ classrooms. It felt like walking into an artist’s studio. Everything misplaced, everything in process, everything happening, and I missed it. I can actually point to this post as the very first time I admitted to myself I needed to be a teacher not a supervisor. After two and a half years out of the classroom I went back. In the meantime I earned my Ph.D. in education and recently, through my adjunct teaching, realized I love teaching adults as much as I love teaching kids. It is different, less primal, less disorganized, more higher level thinking and discussion but the spark is still there. As I learn from my students, both young and old, I hope you will join me and let me know where you are coming from. I am inviting you into my studio, behind the scenes of the grades, the assessments, and the planning to see how I make learning.


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