So I’m heading to Denmark tomorrow, serving as the Educational Facilitator on a professional development trip for the Center for International Understanding.  I’ll be helping a group of 20 North Carolina teachers to think about how they can connect their experiences abroad to their classroom instruction.

A side benefit for me is that I teach sixth grade social studies, and Europe is a major part of our curriculum.  Specifically, we look carefully at the European Union, studying the differences between social welfare nations like Denmark and free-market nations like the United States.

While I’m in Denmark, I’ll be recording a bunch of instructional videos for my students to watch.  I figured that would be a great way for me to keep in touch with them while away—-the sub is going to love having a new video to share with the kids every day—-and a great way for me to build an archive of teaching videos to draw from in the future.

If you’re interested in seeing what I’m up to, check this post regularly.  IF I’ve set things up right, the media player below will update itself each time that I post a new video—-and if I haven’t set it up right, you can always go directly to my channel on Blip TV.

(Note that the only videos on my Blip TV channel right now are a few clips that some of my old students shot for a recent project.  The Danish Adventures will start to appear once I get there!)


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