A post by teacher Susan Graham, who blogs at Teacher Magazine, was picked up by the Washington Post yesterday. Graham proposed that the new school reform documentary Waiting for Superman should have been called Waiting for Batman instead — saying that the film’s distance from the real problems of schools and its blunt approach to solutions reminded her more of the Caped Crusader than the Man of Steel…

So when Superman did step in, he didn’t impose his own solutions until human options had run out and innocent people were going to be hurt. Then he simply removed the barriers, got things back on track, and made it possible for everyday folk to continue to pursue truth, justice and the American Way.

Once ordinary humans could get a grip on the situation, Superman slipped out of the picture, put on his Clark Kent double breasted suit and horn-rimmed glasses and went back to his day job at the Daily Planet. He had no agenda of his own to impose. He didn’t try to fix Earthlings so that they become wannabe Kryptonians. Superman had the power to reshape our world, but what he seemed to want to do is to blend in and help out.

via voices.washingtonpost.com

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