The VIVA Project is building a “National Idea Mine” by inviting teachers from across the United States to join in some themed discussions of important education policy issues. The organizers promise you’ll “have a chance to discover what similar experiences teachers have, regardless of where they work and what you can learn from differences in your school’s setting, resources and missions.”

The idea is to tackle one topic together over six weeks and build “a resource directly from classroom teachers for political leaders.” Project organizers say they’ve received assurances from the White House and the U.S. Department of Education that the views expressed via the National Idea Mine will be listened to. Here’s the issue NOW on the table:

Each year, the federal government spend billions to promote teacher quality. If you were President Obama’s Secretary of Education, how would you direct these funds to meet the real-world classroom challenges of teachers and improve teacher quality and the effectiveness of professional development programs?

The project is limited to classroom teachers and the first discussion is underway. But there’s still time to be heard! Check it out. These days, it makes sense to plant your ideas in places where your ideas matter.

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