We live in a world filled with digital tools that educators are leveraging to engage with colleagues from across the country. Because of these tools educator learning is no longer bound by time and space. This collection of stories illustrates the impact that engaging in virtual community has had on teaching practice and leadership development.

The power of teacher networks

by Jozette Martinez

Jozette Martinez, self proclaimed teacher activist and student advocate from Colorado, shares her story of connecting with (and learning from) educators from across the country. In this Ignite talk, Jozette articulates the impact that teacher networks has on student engagement and learning. It is through these connections that her powerful voice has become part of a larger collective effort to create a more equitable public school system that better serves all students.

It’s not about homework, it’s about heart work.

Jozette Martinez

Blow the doors off your classroom

by Ryan Kinser

In this detailed “how to” video, Ryan Kinser, former teacherpreneur from Florida, shares how his Virtual Learning Community (VLC) got started and how you can start your own. While some of the technology tools have changed since the creation of this video, the foundational concept remains the same: Connecting with educators from across time and space is a powerful way to strengthen teaching practice.


CCI: A teacher’s story

by Glenna Sigmon

Glenna Sigmon, teacher leader from Florida, shares the role that virtual community played in her transformation from teacher to teacher leader. Glenna’s leadership has grown exponentially since the creation of this video, and much of that she attributes to her engagement in virtual community and the sharing of her story. Click here to learn more about her story.


CTQ family connections

Engagement in virtual community, through CTQ or any number of other virtual networks, provides an opportunity for educators to find like-minded colleagues. That connection is leading to transformational change on behalf of students. In this video, teacher leaders from around the country articulate the power of connection and having the opportunity to meet one another face-to-face.


Virtual community micro-credentials

Are you already facilitating a virtual learning community? Why not try your hand at earning a micro-credential that affirms your expertise? Check out this stack of Virtual Community Organizing micro-credentials .

Looking to engage in professional learning that can lead to earning these micro-credentials? Are you interested in developing or honing your team’s skills for building virtual community? Visit this page to learn more the how CTQ can support your efforts to build powerful virtual learning communities. including CCI (Cultivating Communities for Impact).

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