I want to highlight two new sites that are becoming a big part of my reading routine this summer. They post excellent content related to my two big passions in education: teacher leadership and middle school education.  If you aren’t familiar with these two already, then you’re in for a treat!

CTQ Teacher Leadership Weekly: This is a Scoop-It site, curated by CTQ teacher leader Marsha Ratzel, that collects and shares great articles and resources related to teacher leadership, things teacher leaders are doing, and things teacher leaders are talking about…each week. You might see a fresh new post from a CTQ blogger or an article about relevant brain research or a strategy from the progressive businesses world on time management that teacher leaders would dig. I subscribed. This means every day I receive an email with the latest article to be collected here. If the title and description catches my attention I click through; and if not, I don’t. It has been a benefit—not a bother—to my inbox!

MiddleWeb: MiddleWeb has been around for years but recently got a new look (designed by Jose Vilson) and has become a go-to place to find resources, reviews, articles, and even webinars on middle grades education (defined as grades 4-8). Most of the writing is by actual teachers, which adds a lot of value and potential to this site. They are actually open to middle school educators submiting guest posts, which is great opportunity for teachers interested in writing about their work. Scroll down to “Get involved With MiddleWeb” on this page to learn more about that. MiddleWeb also has a new partnership with Smartbrief Education and puts out MiddleWeb Smartbrief twice per week, which is a great way to stay on top of recent content.

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