In a time when technology is drastically changing the way that we work, learn, and play, it is essential that school leaders have a clear plan for driving digital change in their classrooms, districts and communities.  These two tips can help:

Remember that tools don’t change learning spaces; Teachers do:

While integrating technology into learning spaces will require investments in new digital tools and services, many school leaders forget that investing in tools alone is never enough.

Successful change efforts are just as dependent on helping teachers to reimagine what teaching and learning can – and should – look like in a connected world.

Remember that technology is only useful when it helps students to experiment with essential skills: 

Digital tools and services are not all created equally.  While some make it possible for teachers to deliver more engaging presentations, others help students to engage in meaningful conversations around content or to take action on the causes that they care about.

That means driving successful change – and making successful purchases – depends on choices that align with a clear and compelling vision of learning in action.  Resist the urge to invest in anything until your community has co-created a shared definition of just what it is that you want students to know and be able to do when they graduate.

Need help with making better technology choices in YOUR school?  Then check out this post, which introduces school leaders to a process for creating technology vision statements or this post, which provides a series of technology integration scenarios worth reflecting on.


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