You know, I’ve been bringing a lot of pessimism to the party lately.

Don’t get me wrong:  that’s definitely my niche.  Without guys like me, people would think that educators were one big heaping pile of sunshine and candycorn, right?

But I’ve been SO pessimistic that I’ve even got myself down!

That’s why the following email—-which landed in my inbox the other day—meant so much to me:


I just visited The Fighting Gnomes website to see if I could glean any useful information about what Andrew’s doing in school.  

While on the site, curiosity led me to your “livescribe” tutorial on convection.  I was extremely impressed with the technology and even more thrilled by your delivery of the subject matter!  

You have an amazing gift!  

I hope you’ll always be energized by teaching and feel a sense of accomplishment and pleasure by knowing how many young minds you’ve been able to open to the great and intriguing world in which we live.  

We are surrounded by natural miracles that are all too often taken for granted or not pondered at all because too many people failed to learn how to enjoy scientific inquiry.  THANKS for all you do at Salem Middle School!  You’re the best in class!   

Rgds, David


Not bad, huh?  Maybe I AM getting something right every now and then.  And maybe—-just maybe—-parents value me for something more than test scores.

I may forget it far too often, but this is why I teach.

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