A few weeks ago, my buddy Mike Hutchinson stumbled across a pretty remarkable commentary on just what education should be from Tupac.  I’ve Tube-Chopped it down to spotlight the best parts:



Amazing, right? 

Here’s what’s even MORE amazing:  That interview was shot in 1988.


So what’s changed in our classrooms and schools since then?  

Pretty much nothing.

We are STILL teaching algebra and German and volleyball to every kid as if they are essential to surviving in today’s world.  We are STILL ignoring more powerful topics like racism and police brutality and political doublespeak even though our students are driven to participate and passionate about changing the world around them.  And our students are STILL completely disconnected, convinced that our schools are pointless places that they are forced to go to while we are at work.

Fairyland, y’all.  



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