Our fellow Teacher Leaders Network member Heather Wolpert-Gawron has been writing for some time about what she calls the “Equation of Student Success” –  some simple but profound math that goes like this:

Family + Student + School + Policy = Student Success.

Heather currently blogs at three locations:  Edutopia, The Huffington Post, and her own teacher blog TweenTeacher. This blogging trifecta recently provoked “this crazy idea” to address the various elements of her equation in posts at her various blogs.

She somehow managed to have all three go live at about the same time (no small feat since HP has to approve and post, on a secret schedule).

She instructs us to start at TweenTeacher with a post about the Top 10 Ways Teachers can Help Avoid Student Failure.

Embedded in the article are links to Edutopia’s post which covers the “Top 10 Ways Students Can Avoid Their Own Failure” and to the Huffington Post article covering the “Top 10 Ways A Family Can Avoid Their Student’s Failure.” Each article includes links to the others, and each post ends in a call to action about what voters and policymakers can do to hold up their end of the equation.

Is there an EduBlog award for this? If not, how about next year?

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