I encourage you to read (or listen) to this brief discussion from Michel Martin’s Tell Me More program on NPR with Yvette Jackson, who heads the National Urban Alliance for Effective Education. Jackson argues for treating underachieving Black and Hispanic students the way we do gifted and talented ones.

Jackson had this advice for the Administraton: “Let’s start by looking at where students are strong for a change, and build on their strength to take them to levels of success.”

Jackson also wrote a thoughtful and challenging post in a guest blog on the Answer Sheet at Washington Post about how we could get more effective with professional development for teachers.

Curious to hear what others think of her ideas, or what those of you who have seen such programs in action think of their benefits for students of color? I’m particularly interested in Jackson’s assertion that we could do these without increased cost by doing away with the emphasis on remedial approach to reading and math.

Could we do this in any school (urban or rural)? Should we?

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