In a bold new report describing the conditions in many high-needs schools that interfere with student and  teacher success, 14 accomplished teachers are proposing a policy and practice framework they believe will move America beyond the achievement gap “blame game” toward meaningful and sustainable school reform.

Drawing on the latest research and their own experiences in urban schools across the nation, this TLN TeacherSolutions team has put together a dynamic blueprint that runs counter to the narrowly focused, test-driven reform strategies that currently control efforts to educate an increasingly diverse student population in undersupported schools.

The report, Transforming School Conditions: Building Bridges to the Education System That Students and Teachers Deserve, is the product of more than a year of close study and debate, including virtual conversations with leading scholars representing a variety of perspectives. It is the latest in a series of TeacherSolutions reports supported by the Center for Teaching Quality that showcases reform proposals developed by outstanding teachers.

An e-magazine version of the report, with embedded video and audio commentary by the teachers, can be accessed here. Or download the PDF version here.

The teacher-authors include: Eldred “Jay” Bagley (Philadelphia); Glenda Blaisdell-Buck (Charlotte-Mecklenburg, NC); Mitzi Durham (Clark County, NV); Larry Ferlazzo (Sacramento, CA); Brian K. Freeland, Jr. (Charlotte-Mecklenburg, NC); Lori Fulton (Clark County, NV); Leona Bost Ingram (Charlotte-Mecklenburg, NC); Kristoffer Kohl (Clark County, NV); Mona Madan (Charlotte-Mecklenburg, NC); Kathie Marshall (Los Angeles); Delores Maxen (Charlotte- Mecklenburg, NC); Susan “Ernie” Rambo (Clark County, NV); Taylor Ross (Birmingham, AL); and Gamal Sherif (Philadelphia).

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