One of my favorite things about the New Year are the posts that my favorite writers churn out spotlighting the most viewed pieces of content on their blogs over the past year.  

Inevitably, those posts help me to stumble across important content that I missed in the moment.  Finding that content quickly and easily saves me time and helps me to grow.


To that end, I figured I’d share the five most popular Radical posts of 2014 with you.  Check ’em out and let me know what you think:

THIS is What a Growth Mindset Looks Like in Action:   Far and away the most popular bit on the Radical this year was a short piece spotlighting a video describing the efforts of Malcom Mitchell — a star running back at the University of Georgia — to improve his reading ability.  What I dug about the video is that it made the concept of a Growth Mindset tangible and easier to understand.

Technology is a Tool, NOT a Learning Outcome:  The second most viewed post on the Radical this year is an oldie-but-a-goodie, written way back in July of 2013.  It shares an image that I created to articulate my central argument that any effort to reimagine modern learning spaces has to start with a better sense for the role that technology should play in our classrooms.

Five #ISTE2014 Tweets That Still Have Me Thinking: I made my first trip to ISTE this year — and outside of hanging out with a bunch of really great people that I admire, respect and enjoy, I found the experience unsettling.  There were entirely too many people lost in their devices and entirely too many people with flawed notions about just what good technology integration should look like in action.  I found myself reflecting through Tweets for the entire weekend — and shared the Tweets that mattered the most to me in a post here on the Radical.

Three Tips for Classroom Blogging Projects: One of the things I remain the proudest of is that I am still a full-time practitioner — and every day, I’m tinkering with my practice.  That makes the Radical a perfect place to share the lessons that I am learning.  In this bit, I offer three tips for structuring successful classroom blogging projects drawn from my experiences with the #sugarkills gang.

Random Acts of Patriotism (or Man Up, Canada!): Back during the Olympics, I decided to pick a fight with Canada — bragging about the US Hockey program and challenging anyone who would listen to a bit of a wager on the upcoming tournament.  This post introduces the wager — and I love that it is one of the most viewed bits on the Radical for 2014.  Combined with the beautiful video that I made with my five year old daughter after losing the bet, posts like this prove that I am more than just some random hack churning out content for the Interwebs.

 Most importantly, though: I want to thank you for spending time learning alongside me.

Whether you are reading and commenting here on my blog, inspiring me with the writing on your own blogs, or joining together with me in digital spaces like Twitter, know that you are a source of constant challenge that I am #alwaysgrateful for.

Happy New Year!



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