Since the first of August, 10 educators in the Teacher Leaders Network have posted a total of 15 guest articles at The Answer Sheet, the popular education blog kept by Washington   Post education writer Valerie Strauss. The decision by Strauss to regularly feature teacher voices in her blog (and not just TLN folks) is unprecedented, and we’re hoping teacher leaders across the U.S. subscribe to the blog and follow/submit commentaries there. You’ll find the posts typically run counter to the prevailing “blame teachers” mentality that dominates big media.

Here are the TLN-authored articles that have appeared at The Answer Sheet so far:

Radical idea: Schools aren’t an awful mess
Nancy Flanagan
October 14

Still trying to make sense of NBC’s Teacher Town Hall
Elizabeth Stein
October 8

Down the education rabbit hole
David B. Cohen
October 6

What public teachers really need
Dan Brown
October 4

Too many curricular aims creates assessment problems
Ken Bernstein
September 21

Has education reform jumped the shark?
Anthony Cody
September 20

Teacher: What my evaluation must include
David B. Cohen
September 19

Class size does matter after all
Larry Ferlazzo
September 13

Why kids in school need to play
Jane Ching Fung
September 10

How much power should we give to ed data?
Anthony Cody
September 2

Why paying parents to attend school events is wrong
Larry Ferlazzo
September 1

Why the National Writing Project should be saved
Mary Tedrow
August 26

How to give classrooms a mission
Larry Ferlazzo
August 23

The best kind of teacher evaluation
Larry Ferlazzo
August 17

Do We Need Another Hero?
Patrick Ledesma
July 31

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