Folks who participate in our daily discussion group at the Teacher Leaders Network are always sharing a hot link to something of interest to teacher leaders. Here are a couple from the last week:

A WHOLE NEW TEACHING MIND: (Alice) TLN’er John Holland’s thoughts on Daniel Pink’s A Whole New Mind, plus more musings on 21st Century teaching, preschoolers, art and the teaching life in general are available in this new interview at TeachersCount.

TEACHER DROPOUTS: (Renee) A recent article posted at the LeaderTalk website is sure to intrigue — it’s titled “Teacher Dropouts, Why?” Here’s a slice: “ comparison to the high school student dropout rate, the teacher turnover rate over an equivalent four-year period is greater than the student population dropout rate.”

EDUCATION FEEDBAG: (Sheryl) Education is one of 40 topics featured on the brand-new blog/news aggregator ALLTOP, now being evangelized by long-time techno-promoter Guy Kawasaki. “A good metaphor is that Alltop,” Kawasaki says, “is an ‘online magazine rack’ that displays the news from the top publications and blogs.” For folks who don’t have the time or inclination to create their own customized ed-news aggregation, there’s a good selection of popular blogs and news sources — including LeaderTalk, mentioned in Item #2. We’d guess there will soon be a way to do some customization (not everyone wants to read This Week in Education, right?).

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