Our 100th contribution recently appeared at Teacher Magazine, where we’ve been publishing weekly essays, dialogues, and occasional book reviews since the fall of 2006, as part of a partnership with Education Week’s sister publication.

Everything you see on Teacher’s TLN-branded pages comes from the minds, hearts and keyboards of our Teacher Leaders Network Forum  — a group of nearly 300 accomplished teachers scattered across the United States who believe it is critically important to the future of America’s K-12 schools for policymakers and the public to hear from classroom experts.

Mixed in among our serious essays about student learning, quality teaching practice,  and right-and-wrong-headed education policy are lighter pieces –- humor, whimsy and slices of teaching life. In the past year, we’ve had fun with the “Top 10 Teacher Movies of All Time,” and a serious but not sober exercise in which members were asked to write their “teacher autobiography” in exactly six words. This “Short Happy Lives of Teachers” article drew 109 additional short bios from readers — a record number of comments at the Teacherwebsite, if we’re not mistaken.

This mutually beneficial partnership with Teacher will continue in the weeks and months ahead. As TLN advances into all 50 states, more members are arriving with new stories to tell and fresh opinions to share.

Meanwhile, peruse our TLN-TM archive and check out some of our most recent TM contributions. We’d love to have a comment from you.

Lesson Learned on the Couch
Content knowledge and passion aren’t enough to keep students awake, says Bill Ferriter. Teachers must also know their audience. (November 19, 2008)

School for Sale
Nancy Flanagan wonders how much a school is worth after the school board OK’d using a local high school for a Hollywood flick. (November 12, 2008)

Why Are We Leaving So Many Children Behind?
Renee Moore compares the success of black schools that thrived in the midst of 20th century turmoil with the failings of so many schools today.
(November 5, 2008)

Democracy or the Curriculum? Vote Here!
Laura Reasoner Jones defends the educational value of school mock elections, and wonders why many educators are suddenly so resistant to them.
(October 29, 2008)

The Three ‘Buts’ of Teacher Preparation
Thirty-year teaching veteran Cindi Rigsbee recalls her tumultuous first year, and explains the areas in which new teachers today feel most unprepared.
(October 22, 2008)

Best Practices: Priming the Student Learning Pump
Coach and classroom teacher Kathie Marshall offers tips on keeing students enaged as the school year progresses.
(October 8, 2008)

Portrait of a Young Urban Teacher

Ariel Sacks discusses the challenges of working in a high-needs urban school and shares her advice for success. (September 24, 2008)

Teaching Secrets: What Kids Wish Teachers Knew
Students are far more aware of their teachers’ style and approach than you may think, and their perspective can be valuable, says Laurie Wasserman.
(September 17, 2008)

The End of School as We Know It?

Members of the Teacher Leaders Network discuss how technology could transform the notion of “school”— and the teaching profession along with it. (July 23, 2008)

The Power of the Imaginative Mind
Members of the Teacher Leaders Network discuss the critical need for creativity in their profession and in students’ learning. (June 25, 2008)

Advice to a New Principal
Members of the Teacher Leaders Network share ideas and advice on how a new principal can make a positive impact on a school and its teachers. (June 12, 2008)

Best Practices: The Miracle of Choices

Giving students choices in their assignments, says high school teacher Mary Tedrow, can increase their interest level and teach them valuable lessons beyond the subject at hand. (May 28, 2008)

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