Few days ago, I was listening to the national news, and had this thought which I shared with my Twitter friends:

Taught for 21 yrs; earn <$50K; would take 20 more yrs to earn $1M. Tell me again why we can’t raise taxes on folks making $1M/yr?

That in turn, led to some other thoughts in my stream of consciousness, such as:

Why should Head Start programs have to compete for operating funds?

Why should educational programs with proven track records of success such as National Writing Project and National Board for Professional Teaching Standards have to compete with each other for funding?

Didn’t President Obama just end the war in Iraq, bringing home the majority of the troops? What does Congress plan to do with that money next year?

Does the Beltway bunch think the rest of us are so preoccupied that we won’t think about what they’re doing (and not doing), or do they just think we’re stupid? (Well, we did elect them, so that might be a more reasonable assumption than it first appears.)

Things to think about as we turn into a new year…

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