A poem to celebrate the beginning of the 2014/15 school year!

‘Tis the Day Before School Starts and all through the town

‘Tis the day before school starts and all through the town,

busy teachers and students are everywhere to be found

The classrooms are cleaned; each desk arranged with care

with hopes that great learning will soon happen there.



School zones signs flash, lighting up morning traffic

causing groggy commuters a small bit of panic.

“Make sure you slow down,” these signs warn,

“for tomorrow morning, young children will swarm.”


Out and about, sun-tanned students visit store after store

using supply lists to gather pens, paper, pencils and more.

Meanwhile, inside the schools, teachers collaborate, copy and plan

Making sure they are ready foreach young woman and man.


Down in the lobby, new students check in

and counselors, office staff and administrators grin;

good thing they are greeted by such an incredible team

cause high enrollment is bursting each building seam.


Over in the library a group of teachers is meeting 

working hard to make sure that their lessons are keeping

with standards based units, concepts and assessments,

as well as individual student needs and investments.


The past week of in-service workshops

were enough to make any educators’ head drop.

But each moment closer to meeting our classes

makes even the most boring PD session seem painless.


The afternoon wanes and I look around my desk

which is slowly gathering its school-year mess,

“Summer freedom feels fleeting,” I sigh,

as I look at the forms and papers stacking high.



As I get overwhelmed, thoughts of students interrupt my musings

and I pause to think of the rosters created by a computer’s choosing.

each of these teenagers will soon be in my care

and I grow excited about all the adventures we will share.


All summer long, I’ve been reading and thinking

about all the ways I can be more engaging.

Professional literature and educational tweets

are all fodder for ideas and plans I can now complete.


So bring on the students, the learning and fun,

even though it is hard to get up before the sun.

For each of my teacher friends far and near

know that the 2014/15 school year is here!

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