​I just read this moving post at Daily Kos from a veteran teacher: “I Don’t Want to Be a Teacher Anymore.” I am sitting here stunned, visualizing, suddenly and involuntarily, the image of a cocoon, and the immense struggle that it must take a caterpillar to break out of that thing and become a butterfly. I know it’s a hackneyed symbol, but it is a real life phenomenon.

Somehow it seems that it’s time for teachers to find a way to leave behind the dark cloud that controls our so much of our profession, and move into a new phase. In the new phase we become the vibrant professionals we truly should be. Like butterflies, we are admired, studied, and protected, but maintain our mobility and life force, as we do our most important work of pollinating the flowers.

March begins butterfly season in most of the country. I don’t know how, but it’s time to break out and fly.


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