I don’t think I ever told all y’all, but one of the reasons that I’ve written as regularly as I have on the Radical is because I knew that my Dad has spent the past several years waiting for new posts.  He loved the stuff — but more importantly, he loved the conversations that my content sparked between us.


We talked for HOURS about everything #edpolicy and #edtech.  We talked about how poverty impacts education.  We talked about communities that fail to support their schools.  We talked about how teachers need to take risks sometimes in order to drive change.  We talked about how social media spaces are changing learning and publishing and family communication.

But most importantly, we talked — and I loved every minute of it. 

So this one’s for you, Dad.  I know with all my heart that you’re still reading and that’s why I’ll always continue to write.

With nothing but love,



Note to readers:  I lost my Dad to lung cancer yesterday, so I’ll be away from the keyboard for awhile.  I know you’ll understand.

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