At the invitation of the MetLife Foundation, several bloggers in the Teacher Leaders Network community are using the recently released 2009 MetLife Survey of the American Teacher, “Collaborating for Student Success,” as a springboard to develop posts about teacher collaboration.

Here are the Survey-related posts I’ve seen so far:

Renee Moore – Miscommunication?

Dan Brown – Collaboration among Educators is Not Optional

Larry Ferlazzo – The Saddest School-Related Statistic I’ve Heard in Awhile…

Heather Wolpert-Gawron – When the Aliens Attack Will Earth Unite?

Bill Ferriter – Learning from The Met: Collaboration Killers

Anthony Cody – Competition Can’t Beat Collaboration

Cindi Rigsbee – Teacher Collaboration, Past and Present…

Ariel Sacks – Understanding Why So Few American Teachers Observe Each Other

The MetLife Survey is being released in three installments. These posts were all based on Part 1, “Effective Teaching & Leadership.” Part 2, “Student Achievement,” will appear in early March.

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