I’m not sure if you had the chance to see Alana Carpenter’s comment on my recent post regarding Interactive Whiteboards, but it was brilliant.  Check it out:

When teachers are no longer interested in trying learn new ways to teach and learn and only rely on standing in front of a student audience droning on about what is and what is not it is time for a replacement. Not with a new expensive board, but a different teacher.

How awesome is that?!  More importantly, how accurate is that?  The problem with American schools isn’t the tools that we’re trying to use—-it’s the teaching strategies that we’re trying to implement.  That’s where the real changes in our schools need to happen.

And while Alana’s conclusion that we need to replace teachers instead of tools may be a BIT oversimplified—after all, teachers aren’t always given the freedom to choose the instructional practices that we’re using in our classroom AND we never control the composition of our classes (innovative teaching can be a challenge in a classroom with 30+ kids who have an almost ridiculous range of academic abilities)—focusing on the quality of teaching is always going to produce better results than focusing on tools.

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