The future of education

The first post at the KnowledgeWorks Foundation’s blog (Oct. 1) ends with a great quote from science fiction author William Gibson: ‘The future is already here — it is just unevenly distributed.’

KWF is energetically promoting the Map of Future Forces Affecting Education. The Gibson quote and the new blog’s title, “The Future of Education is Here,” are right in sync with the Foundation’s core message: “The knowledge economy and globalization continue to challenge the basic industrial-era assumptions upon which most public schools, curriculum, and evaluation mechanisms are based.”

A recent post at the KWF blog reports on a Denver conference focused on professional learning communities — those “informal and formal connections between learning agents, and how such connections might fit into the trends described by the Map.”

We’re also enjoying the eclectic set of links posted most days by the blog’s keepers. Drop by The Future of Education is Here and find out more about the Map while you’re there. It’s mind-boggling — and that’s a good thing, in our estimation.

  • KirstenPike

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