Our schools and school systems face a future in which the only certainty is change.

Diversifying community demographics, burgeoning student needs, policy mandates, budget constraints, staffing challenges, balancing autonomy and choice with coherence and equity, getting the best of both ed tech and human support, addressing academic and SEL needs: all of these are “future” challenges that schools are already facing.

This roundtable blogging discussion will look beyond the uncertainties of what might lie ahead to how we could respond to emergent issues, using levers for change described almost ten years ago in Teaching 2030.

How are educators and supporting organizations getting in position to respond to whatever is next for public schools? And what do they think might be keys to scaling up the bright spots they’re creating in their work in order to build a new kind of future for education?

Join us as we explore the people and places that are already remaking the future of education by commenting on these participating roundtable blogs and sharing on social media with #CTQCollab!

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