Dear Collaborateurs – Jose and I began our work together on the Future of Teaching blog to expand the conversations around the book Teaching 2030 in August of 2009. It gave us a forum to further explore the themes, termed Emergent Realities, of that collaborative work.

Emergent Reality 1: Transformed learning ecology.

Emergent Reality 2: Seamless connections in and out of cyberspace.

Emergent Reality 3: Differentiated professional pathways.

Emergent Reality 4: Teacherpreneurism and a future of innovation.

We began the blog thinking our co-authors would join us in this exploration. Over the years we enjoyed posts from Ariel Sacks, Kris Kohl, and Killian Betlach along with more regular posts from Jennifer Barnett and Shannon Cde’Baca.

In early 2010, we decided to frame the blog as a conversation. This grew out of a blog post response I wrote to Jose based on a post he wrote on changing perceptions of Autism in our public schools. In this rewarding interaction,  Jose and I, addressed our posts to each other. Over the years there were times when we couldn’t quite respond in a timely fashion or we really wanted to engage each other in discussion of a different topic so it wasn’t seamless. Our posts to each other were definitely not polished but, they were honest and showed the back-and-forth of two educators, in totally different settings, struggling with issues. We always wrote with an eye towards a solutions focused future. Mostly, our conversation served to push each other’s thinking, caused us to write better, helped us to bring up topics the other might not be tangling with, and generally built a synergy that reflects our deep friendship.

We had to break out of our offline silos in order to engage in our online space.

When we moved onto the Collaboratory website we continued the same framing of our discussion in this way. Then we realized, with some help, that it wasn’t working. The framing of our blog, writing back and forth to each other, was not working on the Collaboratory. The stream of incredible content on the Collaboratory provided a different context for the intimate exchange we participated in when we were a stand alone blog. After discussions with the team at the Center for Teaching Quality we realized that we needed to write separately in order for our work to make sense in our new context.

John’s new blog is The Learning Studio where he will write about the learning ecology of accomplished early childhood teaching.

Jose’s new blog is In the Middle of Teaching and Leading where he will write about teacher voice, teacher leaders, and middle school teaching.

We look forward to writing with and for you on our respective blogs. What will happen to The Collaborateurs? It will continue to live here as an archive and who knows, maybe even be reborn some day. What are the odds?

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