The Digital Equivalent of Strip Malls.

One of the brightest people that I know is Renee Moore — the mind behind CTQ’s TeachMoore blog.  She’s ALWAYS insightful and articulate — and she has a knack for boiling issues down into memorable phrases that anyone can understand.

That’s exactly what Renee did when commenting on the CTQ version of my recent post questioning the trend towards shallow participation in social spaces.

Here’s what Renee wrote:

(click to enlarge, download and view on Flickr)


Awesome analogy, right?

And downright frightening — because we all know what eventually happens to the shiny new strip mall built in your corner of town.



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  • ReneeMoore

    I’m blushing…

    …and I’ve got to let you teach me how to make one of those cool slides.

    Glad you found the comment helpful.

  • George Couros

    Hey Bill…I read the

    Hey Bill…I read the original post and it really made me think a lot about what you said.  I am wondering if a lot of the engagement that people used to see in those spaces is happening elsewhere.  For example, I love reading Chris Wejr’s blog but most of my time talking with him is through phone and text message, not on Twitter on through our blogs.  I comment as a way to push my thinking and usually when I tweet something out, it is out of agreement.

    What I try to do is continuously find new people that I haven’t connected with that are sharing some great ideas that are “new” to the space.  I think that by encouraging more of these new voices, it really starts to open up the diversity of sharing in these social spaces.  

    I just think about the really deep relationships that I have made through this space with people that REALLY push my thinking in a space where we get to know each other.  If you even look at how many people are talking about Voxer and having some great conversations in that space, it isn’t that it is happening, but maybe just happening elsewhere.

    Thanks for your thoughts on this…Like many others that read it, I have tried to comment more to others.  I think that it is one of the best ways that I have learned although I might not be doing it as much as I used to.