On the hunt for her first teaching job, Angela Riggs needed expert advice—and found it in the CTQ Collaboratory.

Angela Riggs, Collaboratory memberAngela Riggs got lucky. The University of Central Florida assigned her to be supervised by educator-in-residence Megan Allen (2010 Florida Teacher of the Year, National Board Certified Teacher, and CTQ Collaboratory member).

Angela recalls: “Megan was able to cut through the fluff of textbook scenarios, and give us real-world insights into her classroom, her kids, and her passion for teaching.”

But Megan’s influence went further. She encouraged Angela to join the CTQ Collaboratory to learn from expert teachers across the country.


Angela soon realized she’d struck gold: “The Collaboratory was such a welcoming community, right from the first day I signed up.”

In July, Angela moved to Portland, Oregon, complicating her job search.

As a brand new teacher seeking work in an unfamiliar area, Angela knew she had to stand out. But how?

She turned to the Collaboratory: “I know that the cover letter serves to go beyond the cut-and-dried information of my résumé—to offer some of my enthusiasm and personality, and help convince the reader to call me for an interview. What kinds of examples should I include? Do you have suggestions about things that should not go in the letter?”

Feedback poured in—from teachers, retired teachers, and administrators in AL, CO, NC, and VA. Soon Angela had received advice on her draft letter, how to rock the interview, and strategic ways to follow up.

Angela landed her first teaching position within just a few weeks.

Today, she says, “The Collaboratory has provided a community of mentors who are always willing to help with tips, feedback, and advice. I’m in Oregon, but I can talk with teachers all over the country when I have questions or want to engage in a discussion about classroom management or project ideas. ”

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