The gods laugh when mortals make plans.

Dear you hear that sound yesterday while you were reading the post about my plans for work? Yes, indeed, that was the sound of laughter!

I had planned to complete two work tasks today. I was going to write the essays for my student’s Gates scholarship and I was going to finish the rough cut of a short film I’m making for CTQ.

Well, I got one done.

The internet was out this morning, which meant accessing the Gates scholarship site was not in the cards, so I switched gears and started editing the short film.

I had to film my narration scene before I could edit and send the rough cut to CTQ. The process started like I expected. It took several takes before I got the narration to where I was happy with it. Then I ran into the first roadblock.

I had assumed that my school-issued MacBook came with iMovie pre-installed. My old personal laptop, ruined in a fall last year, did. The school’s computer… not so much.

No problem, I can buy iMovie. It’s only about twenty-five dollars in the App store, so no problem, right? Wrong.

My computer is running OS 9.somethin’ somethin’ and I needed version 10.somethin’ somethin’ to run iMovie. No problem, I can download an update to my operating system. The Internet was back, but it was slow, so it was going to take three hours to download the operating system.

Three hours later, I clicked on my shiny new OS to install it when an error message popped up:

There were kids around, so I said nothing.

What was I going to do? I thought I would have to drive over to CTQ and ask to borrow one of their computers. I called, but I got a message that the offices were closed until the 26th.

I don’t know why I went back to the App store and re-clicked on iMovie, but I did and I got a message of hope. The store asked if I wanted to install the latest compatible version of iMovie. Why yes! Yes I did.  Finally, something was going my way.

Remember when I said the Internet was slow? About an hour later, I had downloaded all 198MB’s of iMovie. This would have taken fifteen minutes or less any other day. However, I had my program and I was off to the races.

My momentum of good luck was rolling; the film editing went far easier than I had anticipated. I had a movie. It was a rough cut, but it was there. The only thing left to this task was to upload it to DropBox for my friends at CTQ to look over.

Remember when I said the Internet was slow? The three-minute film was a 109MB MP4. This took another hour to upload. Well, actually, this isn’t exactly true. After about an hour, the film was only half-loaded, so I gave up on the Internet and hot-linked my computer to my phone. Twenty minutes after that, the film was uploaded and I was done for the day.

It was time for dinner and a movie with my Girlfriend and her boy. The movie, Pan, was great, and I definitely felt like I deserved a couple of hours of relaxation.

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