Before the break, I spent time writing each of my kids a holiday card. For each of them, I wished them a wonderful break and good luck on their semester finals in January. These past days, I’ve been getting emails from some of them thanking me for the card. I suspect that most of them don’t get mail in their own name. This is one of the little things that make me happy.

On our last day in Williamsburg, we toured the Randolph house and the House of Burgesses. Our guide at the Randolph was wonderful, moving past the usual kinds of tours that focus on the furniture and the history of the great men who owned the house. Ronald spent considerable time talking about the people who were not represented by the beautiful homes in town. “These are the One-percenters,” he told us. “Most people,: white, black, free, and slave, lived in lean-tos and shacks no bigger than the Randolph’s entry hall.”

After the Randolph house, we went back to the House of Burgesses, and got inside. Seeing where Randolph, Hancock, and Jefferson all sat was awe-inspiring. I am such a history nerd!

Because we were hitting the road, we didn’t linger long in town. On our way back to the car, we met Santa. He was wandering near the shopping just beyond the museum boundary. We complimented each other on our finely waxes mustaches and compared notes on the best waxing products.

Five hours later, we were home and unpacked. It was a wonderful three days away. The only work I did was to write this blog and answer a few work emails. I worked only about two to three hours each day.

Tomorrow, I’m switching gears. I’ve got quite a lot on my to-do list. First is the Gates scholarship essays for my student. After that, I’ll recover from the trip, cleaning house and getting groceries in – I’m nearly out of coffee and I can’t have that!

In the afternoon, I’ll get to a short film I’m making about how my students use reflection time to make their work in history class better.

Although I have more work planned for the holidays, that’ll be enough for one day. I’ll spend abut three hours on the Gates essays and another three or four on the film. After such a wonderful four days with so little work to do, I’ll attack tomorrow with high spirits and good cheer.


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