It’s Teacher Appreciation Week! Listen to some stories from students about their wonderful teachers. Read on!

If you read my blog regularly, you know I often like to feature the voices of my students. So what better time than Teacher Appreciation Week to hear the stories students have about the amazing teachers who have impacted their lives.

“I have to tell you this,” Veronika said. “I appreciate my sophomore year Math teacher because she stayed until 5 p.m. to make sure I understood my work. I was always thankful that she’d email me back when I emailed her a question or had trouble with the homework. She was always there for me.”

“My teachers support me beyond academics.” Sebastian told me. “And that’s so important. My teachers give me food when I’m hungry. I also like it when teachers aren’t afraid to share their own stories. That helps inspire me.”

Nattali chimed in: “I’m grateful for my sophomore English teacher because when I finally got the nerve to show her the poetry that I wrote, she told me to submit it to a contest. I ended up winning an Honorable Mention, and that provided a great deal of validation for me.”

Jeremiah was anxious to share his story. “In 10th grade, we read a book called All Souls by Michael Patrick MacDonald, and I just loved that book,” he explained.” It was so good. One day my teacher told us that she actually got Michael Patrick MacDonald to come and meet us at school to talk about his book and to answer our questions! It was an amazing opportunity, and I am so grateful to my teacher that we got that chance.”

“I have a story, too!” Marjorie, a junior, said. “In first grade, my teacher let us make gingerbread cookies at her house. We had to sign permission slips and everything. After all these years, I still remember that experience, so I am truly thankful it happened.”

 “In elementary school I used to get bullied,” Sophia, also a junior, told me. “No one wanted to be friends with me. This one teacher used to sit with me and show me poems. She told me to always be a positive person. She helped me so much with my self-esteem, and it really made a difference.”

Francine wanted to tell her story “Last year I was doing terrible in school. My grades were so low that I thought I might be better off going to alternative school. I told my English teacher about my situation, and she convinced me to stay at the high school and work hard to get my grades up. I listened to her, and I’ll be forever grateful that I didn’t leave my high school.  

“I want to be a nurse,” Lesley said. “My older sister is a medical assistant, and she keeps helping people out, and I want to do that. I’m a very caring person, and if I see someone hurt, I want to help them if I can. My teacher bought me a book about a nurse in a Code Red situation, where people were lined up for medical care. I didn’t think I was going to like the book because I really don’t like reading, but this book was great because it made me think about a career.”

“My turn,” said Jefferson. “When I was in 3rd grade, my teacher had us draw a photobook for David Ortiz, who plays baseball for the Boston Red Sox. When we finished, we mailed it to him, and a few weeks later, he sent us back a video saying thank you, and he said that he kept our photobook on top of his locker as a good luck charm. I don’t think it was a coincidence that the Red Sox won the World Series that year!”

So there you have it. Teachers do much more than help students learn – they encourage, they nurture, and they inspire. And they might even help your team win the World Series. With email, Facebook, and other social media, it’s so easy: thank a teacher today! Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

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