If you are at all interested in or confused by the debate over the uses and misuses of standardized testing, help is here. My good friends at the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching (CFAT) have put a wonderful, user-friendly resource together that will help educators and non-educators alike conduct more meaningful conversations about testing and assessment in general.

ILloyd_bondt’s called “Assessment: It’s Not Just for Experts Anymore“, a collection of ten essays by CFAT Senior Scholar Lloyd Bond. Here’s what CFAT has to say about Bond: “Lloyd Bond is one of the world’s most respected experts on educational measurement and testing. He has published widely on research issues in psychometrics, and is called upon to advise many test developers; however, he is also one of the most persistent and incisive critics of the testing movement. In the world of educational testing, Lloyd Bond is unquestionably a ‘critical friend’.”

Our friend shares some valuable information on everything from terminology to new ways of looking at assessment that may surprise you. Carnegie has made the essays available for downloading and invites online responses to them. Join the conversation.

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