Teens Say the Darndest Things!

What are some of the moments in your day that keep you in the classroom? Or make you smile? Or help you remember that as wise as they may seem, they are simply kids who still say the darndest things?



Some of you remember Art Linkletter’s TV show “House Party” in the 50s and 60s.  One of the funniest parts of those episodes (and subsequent book: see http://tinyurl.com/mgvdoqm) included Linkletter’s live interviews titled “Kids Say the Darndest Things.”

Walking the halls recently, I mentally recorded various teenage conversations. I was suddenly in the middle of an episode of “House Party”.  These particular ones stand out as part of that fun day:

21st century Problem:

Girl 1:  (drops her cell phone in the hall)

Girl 2: Your life is over!

Students and Teachers:

Student 1: Ms C says I can’t start my paper with a rhetorical question so I just changed the question mark to a period.

Student 2: That should work.

Students and Parents:

Girl 1 to Girl 2:  I can’t believe your mom would believe you!

Girl 2 to Girl 1: Believe it!

Student 1: Hey, Ms G!

Student 2: Hey, Ms G!

Ms G:  Good morning, guys!

Student 1: Guess what? Both of our daddies live in Florida, and we just found out they are neighbors.

Ms G: Really? That’s amazing!

Student 2: Yep.  They’re both in the same prison.

Schoolyard Romance:

Freshman Girl 1:  She likes him!

Freshman Girl 2: Like like or like like like?

Shakespearean Syntax:

Boy 1: Are you “kidding” me? (that isn’t really the word he used…)

Boy 2: I “kid” you not! (that isn’t really the word he used either..)

On Fashion:

Ms G: Hat off, please ma’am.

Girl 1: It’s not a hat.  It’s a beret.  (Really?)

College and Career Ready:

Girl enters my room before the bell, seeking some help.

Girl: Hey, Ms G.  I’m filling out this application, and I’m confused.

Ms G: What’s the problem?

Girl:  Well, it asks for my ethnicity right here, and I don’t see a choice that fits me.

Ms G: (looks at the form) You’re Caucasian.

Girl: I’m not Asian.

Tardies and Truancy:

Danny, who has been absent over 10 days, suddenly shows up for class so I take him into the hall for a serious discussion about attendance, graduation, and his future.

Ms G: (after lots of concerned comments) So, it’s super important for you to be here everyday and not to get behind in your work.

Danny: Well, really, Ms G, I don’t need this class and I don’t need to graduate.  You see, I am going to be the next Magic Mike. (says with utter conviction and belief)

Ms G: (managing to keep her cool) I imagine there are some courses you will need to help you with your career.

You really can’t make this stuff up.

What are some of the moments in your day that keep you in the classroom? Or make you smile? Or help you remember that as wise as they may seem, they are simply kids who still say the darndest things?

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  • CindiRigsbee

    Those Are Hysterical!

    Yes, they do keep us laughing!

    On Teaching Vocabulary

    Tevin: Mrs. R, I have a friend who doesn’t celebrate Christmas. He celebrates Harmonica.

    Mrs. R: ………

    On Teaching Poetry

    Mrs. R: Listen to this line from “Who Knows If The Moon’s A Balloon” – “…always it’s spring, everyone’s in love, and flowers pick themselves.” Don’t you love that? Doesn’t it give you chillbumps?

    Jimmy: Nope. Not gonna get chillbumps over some flowers committing suicide. 

    On Getting “Like” in Every Breath

    Hayley: So….I saw him, and I was like hey, and he was like hey, and we were like hey. 

    Cindy: Well, what happened?

    Hayley: He had to go so I was like bye, and he was like bye, and we were like bye. But HE IS SO CUTE!

    On Pets

    Derek: I have a pet pig named Pork Chop.

    Amber: Well, I have guinea pigs named Booger and Snot. 

    Mrs. R: ……….

    On Borrowing a Classroom for National Board Certification Renewal:

    Bryce to Mrs. W: I like Mrs. R. She’s the best teacher’s aide I’ve ever had.


    I could go on and on…I’ve been teaching a LONG time…

  • RodPowell

    The fun in in teaching

    Despite all of the negative press recntly and horror stories that command the headlines about teaching – 

    Teaching can be fun!

    We laugh along with our students and share great stories with them.

    Who would have thought my the car that got me through High School, a ’72 Ford Pinto station wagon, would spark conversations and connections with my “not so interested in school” group of boys in my 4th block.

    Or swapping skateboard stories, like the time a motorcycle ran over me and ended the skateboard ride of my life in the 8th grade, with my skater group in 2nd block.  We laughed a comments like, “You call that a scar – let me show you a scar!”

    I wonder if our students can appreciate how funny, and inspiring, they really are?

  • JenniferHenderson

    Magic Mike…

    I had a student with the exact same plan for his future career!  My response: “Are you frequently mistaken for Channing Tatum as you walk down the halls?  No??  Then maybe consider a back-up plan.”

  • Nancy Gardner

    CCR: Magic Mikes?

    How funny! Not sure what it says about our students being college and career ready, but it certainly helps us keep a sense of humor!

  • Larry


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