Let’s start with a simple truth:  Schools have limited budgets and every time that we make careless spending choices, we tie our own hands behind our backs.

As a result, I’ve worked HARD over the past several years to encourage both teachers and school leaders to think systematically about just what they want to see happening in classrooms before they spend ANYTHING on technology.

To that end, I’ve whipped up a set of stories that are designed to start conversations about just what good technology integration is supposed to look like in schools.

You can download the stories here:

2. Handout_TechnologyScenarios

What I plan to do with the stories is ask audiences to engage in Carousel Brainstorming — moving in small groups from story to story and answering the reflection questions found on the final page of the packet.

My hope is that every participant will see themselves — both who they are and who they want to be — somewhere in the stories.  More importantly, my hope is that the conversations started in small groups will help participants to wrestle with the rationale behind their own technology spending choices.

Whaddya’ think?


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