As many of you know, I’ve written a book on responsible technology integration titled Teaching the iGeneration for Solution Tree.

It’s a book I’m remarkably proud of because it takes a skills-first approach to 21st Century teaching and learning.

Instead of introducing readers to interesting web-tools, I introduce readers to specific strategies for teaching students to communicate, collaborate, problem solve and manage information.

Sure, readers learn about specific web tools that can make communicating, collaborating, problem solving and managing information easier—but the focus of the text is squarely on skills.

It’s an extensioon of my argument that our job is to build a bridge between what our students know about technology and what we know about learning efficiently.

If you happen to live in the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area–or are just looking for a good excuse to hit the road for a bit of professional learning—I’ll be presenting a two-day Teaching the iGeneration workshop on October 18th and 19th.

You can check out the the slides for the workshop here:

You can also check out the course wiki here and learn more about registering for the workshop here.

Hope you’ll think about joining us for what promises to be an exciting two days of learning about the role that technology should play in good instruction!

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