In a world with 13.6 BILLION websites and 165 MILLION active bloggers posting 719 new entries every single minute, one of the central skills that we ought to be teaching students is to approach content with caution.

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For me, that means we ought to be systematically introducing our students to the anatomy of hoax websites. Here are two handouts from Teaching the iGeneration—my technology book—that you can use in your classrooms to do just that:

Spotting Websites You Just Can’t Trust

Judging Quality Weblinks

You might also be interested in this handout, which will help students to learn to use the Google Wonderwheel to narrow down their search results and to break broad topics into managable subcategories while researching.

Hope this is helpful!


Original Image Credit: Caution by Picture Perfect Pose

Licensed Creative Commons Attribution on May 1, 2011


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