With its September issue focused on 21stcentury learning, ASCD’s Educational Leadership has reaffirmed its status as the nation’s premiere professional magazine for educators and others interested in issues of teaching and learning.

The issue is chockful of articles presenting a variety of viewpoints about the “21st Century Skills” debate and its implications for both students and teachers. The EL editors, as usual, also provide more practitioner-oriented pieces, like Marilee Sprenger’s “Focusing on the Digital Brain” and Susan Graseck’s “Teaching with Controversy.” Then there’s “21st Century Scholars,” “The Students Have the Answers” and “Why Educators Should Care about Teaching with Games.” And many more.

This fall, ASCD is also offering a digital version of the magazine to members — it’s a flip-thru interactive package with the graphics intact, complemented by active hyperlinks. Alone, it’s worth the price of admission, which can be as little as $29 a year for web-only membership.

Here’s the September Table of Contents. As always, a generous handful of articles are made available to the general public (something you won’t find at the sites of most other major education magazines) while others can only be accessed online by members.

This month’s public articles include:

What Would Socrates Say?

Peter W. Cookson Jr.

Do we need to craft a new model of education for the 21st century? It’s a question worthy of Socrates.

The 21st Century Skills Movement

Paige Johnson

The chair of the Partnership for 21st Century Skills spells out goals.

21st Century Skills: The Challenges Ahead

Andrew J. Rotherham and Daniel Willingham

Why the 21st century skills movement could falter and key considerations that might strengthen it.

Why Creativity Now? A Conversation with Sir Ken Robinson

Amy M. Azzam

Creativity is a crucial skill, Sir Ken tells us.

21st Century Scholars

Terrence Clark

A district extends its school day, and the students applaud.

The Art and Science of Teaching / Six Steps to Better Vocabulary Instruction

Robert J. Marzano

Advice from the best practices guru.

Digitally Speaking / Taking the Digital Plunge

Bill Ferriter

New column by award-winning middle grades teacher

What Research Says About. . . / Encouraging Girls to Pursue Math and Science

Tracy A. Huebner

Use high-mastery teaching strategies.

These free articles are not included in the print issue but available on the Web:

Navigating the Cs of Change

J. Gregory McVerry, Lisa Zawilinski and W. Ian O’Byrne

Do your digital natives need instruction in reading online? Here’s how to help. Includes a video of sample lessons.

How to Learn in the 21st Century

Rita Haugh Oates

Research tools have changed, necessitating new research skills.

Managing Messy Learning

Suzie Boss

To deliver on the promise of project-based learning, educators need project management strategies.

Leading for Global Competency

Fernando M. Reimers

How can we prepare the next generation for international understanding?


ALSO: keep an eye on the ASCD Inservice blog during the month. Sometimes they feature an article and provide free access via the blog.)

Thanks, ASCD, for balancing membership needs and the organization’s public service mission and giving us all some thoughtful material to contemplate as the new school year begins.

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